An important dynamic in the balance of life is the need for community.
As food nourishes the body, a sense of belonging to a community fuels the spirit, and increases your value in life.

It can also be a source of motivation to improving health and happiness.
When it comes to your path to fitness, more often than not this journey is solo. As far as a long term support system goes, it is rare to have family and friends always there for you. Sadly in some cases friends and family can inadvertently sabotage goals you may be working on.
This is where a virtual community can help motivate you.
A study from the University of California reveals how social media can help people lose weight: “The anonymity of social media let’s people be vulnerable when sharing their fears, successes, and tribulations as they pursue a goal.” says Tonya Williams Bradford, assistant professor at UC Irvine.
Joining and participating in a virtual support community online could help you to attain many goals. If you’re looking to lose weight, interacting with others that are on a similar path helps to hold you accountable. This makes it more likely for you to hit that weight loss goal.
In addition, as you learn what works for you and start to see the benefits of your weight loss, you also become a source of inspiration for others that are starting their own journey.
This has the benefit of improving your quality of life. Helping others as you help yourself.
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