Group Leaders

Have a new idea for a group?
Want to start a group to promote your business, event or organization?
Want to start a Group to gather like-minded people in your area?
Then Go For It. See a Need, Fill a Need, Start a Group.

Creating a Group on The Love 4 Life can make your experience here more enjoyable. Whether it is a fan club, a local meet up with like-minded people, or an encouraging fitness and nutrition goal setting Group to motivate yourself and others that join. It is only limited to your imagination.

However please remember, participation on The Love 4 Life is always subject to our Terms of Use as well as Group Discussion adhering to the Forum Guidelines.

While the process to creating a Group is self-explanatory, the following is a step by step Guideline for those that wish a little more detail.

How to create a Group

Click on Groups on the Home page or navigation bar.
On the Groups page under the Search Groups search bar select Create a Group.
A new page will open and you will see the 6 steps to creating your Group.

Step 1. Details:
Group Name. Group Description. Both are required to fill out.
Select Create Group and Continue

Step 2. Settings:
Here are the Privacy Options for your Group and Group Invitations. Select one of the following:

Any User may view the Group details, read the Groups Forum, and join the Group. No further action by the Group Leader is required.

A User can view the details of the Group, name and description from Step #1, but cannot view information posted within the Groups Forum until they have been accepted by the Group Leader to join. An email notification will be sent to the Group Leader upon request for a User asking to join the Group. The Group Leader will need to Accept or Decline the request.

Groups that are created as Hidden are not viewable or searchable on the Groups page, nor will the Groups Forum on the main Forum page show.
It is non-existent to the Users that are not part of the Hidden Group.
Group Leaders will have to gain members by invites only.

Now select one of the Group Invitations options.
At anytime the options in Step #2 may be changed.

Select Next Step

Step 3. Group Forum:
A Group Leader can choose to select “Yes. I want this group to have a forum.”

If you want additional forums for your Group, this option will create a forum under Groups on the main Forum page. You and your members have access to the Forum either directly on your Group page or on the main Forum page.

With this option you may create separate topics within your Group.

You may disregard this by leaving the checkbox blank.
Your Group will still have a discussion board, which is limited to a single ongoing thread, similar to the site wide Activity page.
If you select Public in step #2 Settings, your Forum will be viewable by all Users.
however no User can post in Group created Forums unless they have joined the Group, whether Public or Private settings.

If a Forum is created, it cannot be deleted unless a request to delete a Group Forum is sent to an Admin or Moderator.

Now select Next Step.

Step 4. Photo:
This is your Avatar picture of your choosing. This Avatar will be viewable on the main Group page when people browse the Groups. You may upload an image from your computer or phone.
You may also leave this empty and the site will use a default image.
Now select Next Step after the image has uploaded.

Step 5. Cover Image:
This is similar to the Cover photo of your Profile page.
You may also leave this empty and only the Avatar picture will appear when a User is viewing your Group.

Now select Next Step after the image has uploaded.

Step 6. Invites:
Here you have the option to invite your friends to join your new Group by selecting from your list. You may choose to select none or if you don’t have any friends yet that is fine too.

Now select Finish.

Voila! You have now created your new Group!

As a Group Leader you have the option at anytime to Send Invites to new friends you may have later on accumulated. Also under Step #2 you have the option to let other members Send Invites as well, which is also changeable at anytime.

The Love 4 Life will not oppose to Users who wish to create a more adult themed Group, however they must be set to Private or Hidden. and is still subject to the Forum Guidelines. Content with a sexual nature between consenting adults is fine.
We Are Open Minded – But Certain Content Is A No-Go.
Feel free to private message an Admin or Moderator for more details.

Group Leader tips and how to get other members to join.

The fun part is starting your group and getting it out there for other members to join. A little bit of time and love will go a long way in creating a successful group.

Here are some tips:

Choose a good name for your group: something that is descriptive and calls to people.

Write a good group description: people want to know what they are joining.

Add an Avatar image as well as a Cover image for your Group. Anything that makes the Group more eye catching.

Start new discussions and create content on a daily basis: people are always looking for good discussions.

Tell people about your group: friends, like minded people – anyone who might enjoy it.

Be yourself and have fun with it: fun and authenticity, nothing is more important.

The Love 4 Life will also select Groups that are good ideas, unique and fun, and will spotlight them in our Newsletters and “What’s New at The Love 4 Life” email updates.

Love Your Group. What makes a good Group Leader?

What makes a good Group Leader? Someone who will contribute regularly to the Group and help moderate it. It is up to the Group Leader to moderate the Groups discussions and content.

The Love 4 Life will not moderate Group content and discussions, so as a Group Leader, we would appreciate you moderating your Group appropriately.

If you have any questions, need a second opinion or just want our Admin or Moderators to take care of something for you because you are not comfortable handling it yourself please don’t hesitate to email us at or private message an Admin or one of our Moderators.

Last updated:
January 5, 2018


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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