8 Different Hand Positions For Meditation

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    Meditation is considered to be a combination of different hand positions and breathing techniques. In a normal Meditation class, we learn these different hand positions for meditation and techniques of meditation. As we continue to practice meditation, we begin to experience its subtle effects on body, mind, and consciousness. So, today, let’s know about 8 different hand positions for meditation i.e. 8 Meditation mudras.

    What Does It mean By Mudra?

    “Mudra” (or Different Hand Positions For Meditation) is a Sanskrit word meaning “seal”. As our hands are spots of bodily response, they have a profound connection with our brain – and thus the way we form our hands can impact the way we form our mind during the practice of meditation.

    Overall, the mudra or different hand positions for meditation you select will rely on how you wish to direct the stream of energy in the body, and obviously, what feels relaxed to you! We will review eight different hand positions for meditation.

    Different Hand Positions For Meditation:

    Extremely specific and based on the principle of Ayurveda, yoga postures are considered as a healing tool. The practice of mudra with yogic breaths stimulates various parts of the body and alerts the flow of life in the body. So, let’s now know 8 different hand positions for meditation in this post below

    Shunya Mudra

    Zero Mudra is beneficial for those who have trouble listening to the sound. It can be used for the treatment of ears, ear noise, and partial or complete deafness. It can also help you in alleviating digestive problems.


    Prithvi Mudra

    Earth posture helps improve your blood circulation, reduces weakness, and helps to increase your metabolism. If you are worried about your hair, the earth pose will help regenerate hair by activating follicle cells. It can help to lose weight, strengthen your tissues, bones, cartilage, flesh, skin, and muscles. It also helps reduce ulcers and reduce exacerbations.


    Gyan (Chin) Mudra

    This mudra helps increase knowledge, improves your memory, and helps you focus better. It also helps you to relax and pay better attention. It gives relief from stress and anxiety and helps you to stay balanced in life.


    Apana Mudra

    Apana Vayu Mudra makes your heart strong and is very effective for those who have suffered a heart attack. It normalizes blood pressure and stimulates the circulatory system. It reduces nervousness, calms your nervous system, reduces acidity, and helps reduce gas production. Strengthens your bones, and treats insomnia.


    Agni Mudra

    It stimulates the thyroid gland, helps digestion, and helps to relieve weight issues and anxiety. Agni mudra is especially important when your body temperature is abnormally low, needing to control the coolness of your skin, body, limbs, and hands when you are not able to cope with the cold weather, when your metabolism needs to be increased, as well as your appetite and constipation problem need to be reduced.


    Vayu Mudra

    Vayu mudra helps keep you gas-free and excludes excess air from your stomach. It helps in releasing air from your body and gives various health. If your mind is anxious, restless, over-excited, and your body is feeling various hormonal imbalances, this is the best posture to get your mind and body back into balance.


    Prana Mudra

    Prana mudra improves immunity, refreshes the body, and balances the energy of your body. It helps increase the body’s vitality and immune system, reduces blood vessel blockages, improves the strength of your eyes, and cures vitamin deficiency. This concentration also helps in improving strength and improving sleep.


    Varuna Mudra

    This pose helps in regulating the fluid in the body and is considered very beneficial for the skin. Varun Mudra balances the amount of water in your body and prevents dehydration. It also helps in keeping the blood clean by keeping the level of water in the body, making your skin shiny and smooth, relieving diabetes, and keeping your kidneys and liver healthy.


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