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If you’re in a rut and haven’t exercised in awhile or are always pressed for time, try these simple 4 minute routines.

Timed drills are great to use, and you can go at a pace that is comfortably for you, or push it to HIIT levels.
The types of exercises you use are irrelevant as long as your flow of movement transitions from standing exercises to exercises on the ground. So for a simple flow you could use Jumping Jacks x10, Squats x4, Push Ups x4, Sit Ups x4.
A routine like this you can do everyday, however if you decide to do 3 to 4 sets, then cut it back to 3 times a week.
In regards to anti-aging, a study in Cell Metabolism found that four 4 minute bursts of flat out exercise on a stationary bicycle just three days a week – a total of just 48 high intensity minutes a week – resulted in much greater levels of age-reversing changes at the genetic and cellular levels, along with enhanced mitochondrial activity, and improved insulin sensitivity than regular weight lifting sessions.
For more routines like this check this thread here on the Forums.

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