Welcome to The Love 4 Life.

We have added many new features!
Forums: Our Forums are specific to fitness, health and wellness and categorized into topics.
Fitness Q&A|Training Routines: Home training workout routines shared by our members and fitness coaches. You will find home workout routines for bodyweight exercises and dumbbells implementing HIIT, Tabata, and the Turbulence Method, as well as routines for weight lifting, and outdoor training.
A primary focus is for the beginner, however, there will also be a lot of intermediate and advanced routines for the training enthusiasts.
Nutrition Q&A|Recipes|Meal Planning: Recipes, and meal planning discussions and ideas shared by members and coaches as well as dieting ideas and advice.
Spirituality|Positive Mental Attitude|Mind Fit: Our Zen Lounge for those that want or already practice forms of affirmations, mantras, meditation, and yoga.
Relationships: Stories, rants, and raves on your experiences in relationships with others, network local businesses such as personal trainers, healers, and areas in the industry that are health-minded.
Water Cooler: An off-topic discussion forum.
Groups: Create groups for local get-togethers or interest-specific clubs and topics.
Add Friends: Option to add friends.
Privacy Settings: More control of your profile visibility.
Profile Image Commentary: All uploaded member profile images now has commentary and like options.
Social Media: Social media pages with a focus on fitness, health, wellness, and humor. Join us and share the love.
Blog: Our Blogs and Newsletters will have a focus on health and fitness in mind, body, and spirit. Relationships, positive living, nutrition, and food ideas.
Like, Subscribe, Favorite, Vote Up: Members have an option to like, subscribe, and favorite, any feeds, member updates, forum topics & posts which can be viewed and revisited in your profile tabs with an option to be emailed on updates as well as a Vote Up system on the Forums for posts and topics you like and appreciate.
Activity: A site-wide activity feeds on members site interactions on the forums, groups, public messages, photos, and commentary. View all Members or Friends Activity.
Join our growing community sharing fitness, health and wellness ideas and advice, make new friends, find workout partners, expand your social circle, network, or meet other like-minded singles.
The Love 4 Life is more than a singles site, it is for anyone that is on a journey to bringing out the best in oneself and others.
We hope that you enjoy your experience here.

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