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    MY #1-Spending time w/ my son (& Going to various events, fun places, beach, doing art together, concerts, etc…)I HAVE A VERY WIDE RANGE OF INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES AS WELL AS A LOT OF VARIOUS SCHOOLING…..??Aspirations??I already have my Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Advertising, & Graphic Design… BUT WOULD LOVE TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL AGAIN to get a Masters in Science & Engineering w/ Astrophysics (I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to work for NASA one day!)SINGLE MOMMY GOING THROUGH HELL BUT IM STRONG & IM GONNA MAKE IT!?MY SON IS MY WHOLE LIFE!?(SO, family oriented men is a definite PLUS)IM SO INCREDIBLY FORTUNATE TO HAVE A GREAT & BIG FAMILY & WONDERFUL FRIENDS…SO.. HERES ME;I AM I GUESS YOU WOULD SAY A, JACK OF ALL TRADES WHEN IT COMES TO ART & CREATIVITY. I AM AN ARTIST, I PAINT & DRAW, I WRITE POETRY, I AM A TATTOO ARTIST AMONGST OTHER THINGS. I AM A GRAPHIC DESIGNER AS WELL AS DOING HAIR.. I DO PHOTOGRAPHY AND I AM A MODEL. I LOVE LOVE LOVE TO BE CREATIVE & ANYTHING TO DO WITH USING YOUR INTELECT AND TALENTS.IM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR WAYS TO EXPAND MY HORRIZONS AND MY TALENTS, AND I *ABSOLUTELY CRAVE LEARNING* IN •ALL• I AM INTERESTED IN.NEEDLESS TO SAY IM A RIGHT AND LEFT BRAINER! I ALWAYS GIVE 110% IN ALL THAT I DO NOT ONLY IN WORK BUT AT PLAY WITH FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND MY RELATIONSHIPS!ALTHOUGH I AM VERY MODEST, I DO KNOW THAT I AM A GREAT PERSON TO BE AROUND. I HAVE A KOOKIE PERSONALITY AND I HAVE INTERESTING VIEWS ON LIFE,RELIGION, AND PHILOSOPHY. I AM SUPER SMART BUT DO HAVE MY BLONDE MOMENTS. I GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE WITH A PERFECT 4.0 IN MARKETING AND DESIGN, THE TOP IN MY DEGREE AND IN MY CLASS. HOWEVER; ?I WAS DIAGNOSED WITH A SEVERE AND DEBILITATING AUTOIMMUNE (ARTHRITIC) SPINAL/BONE DISEASE. IT IS CALLED ANKYLOSING SPONDILITIS. ITS EXTREMELY RARE. SIMILAR TO MS WITH A SEVERE FORM OF RUMATORY ARTHRITUS… IT CAUSES OTHER ISSUES AS WELL, & DOES EFFECT MY BODY AND UNFORTUNATELY IT IS EXTREMELY PAINFUL… EVERY DAY IS A STRUGGLE, HOWEVER, I KNOW MY STENGTH.. ?& I’LL BE DAMNED BEFORE I LET IT GET ME!!? I AM MOST DEF STRONG WILLED AND STRONG MINDED…I STILL MAINTAIN MYSELF AND THROUGH THE STUGGLES I STILL HAVE A GREAT HEAD ON MY SHOLDERS. I BELIEVE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE AND I ONLY HOPE FOR THE BEST EVERY DAY.?I SEEK FRIENDS AND A SPECIAL SOMEONE WHO ARE TRUELY LOYAL AND HONEST AS WELL AS WILLING TO SHARE THEIR LIVES WITH ME.. THE SPECIAL SOMEONE I CRAVE TO NOT ONLY BE MY ONLY LOVER BUT TO TRULY BE MY BEST FRIEND AS WELL… IM LOOKING FOR BIG HEARTS, THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO LISTEN AND LEARN AS WELL AS GIVE ME THE ADVISE I NEED. IT IS SO TRUELY HARD NOW A DAYS TO FIND TRUE PEOPLE WHO ARE REALLY WILLING TO RELEASE THEMSELVES TO SUCH A FRIENDSHIP OR RELATIONSHIP… BUT THAT IS TRULY WHAT I SEEK! (*???*)ONCE IM ACQUAINTED WITH SOMEONE, NO MQTTER THE RELATION, THEY ALL have some importance to me & to my life. I AM A VERY intelligent, but sassy, & inquisitive person that has an open mind & AN EXTREMELY HUGE ??HEART?? I am undoubtedly understanding & not so critical of what others call ‘downfalls’ (for we ARE all human) I am a genuine woman who just wants to live a happy, felicitous, healthy (life with my son)& only wish that for others as well.The goals&objectives I have set for myself &the ones not yet implemented or fullfilled, in my equally valuable life as anyone elses, are realistic, well thought out, &are within my grasp. I will only keep working harder towards those that display themselves to be further. Previous objectives HAVE been met (not without some fighting) &I will only continue to prosper &grow, &work towards the rest.? ? **I value my friends (& family) dearly.. regardless of their social standing &goals. I continue to learn & HAVE learned from their mistakes & misfortunes as well as my own..I value what they bring to my life even if it is something of very little importance (for the little things CAN have the biggest impact).. & as long as they don’t do despicable things to me or to others, that their actions are not alarming or ugly.. as long as they have good character & morals.. & lastly, as long as they are true to themselves, prosper & learn..they will ALWAYS have a place in my heart & my mind (& for me to call them ‘friend’ or MAYBE MORE)the word Relationship (of any kind) is not conditional upon status or ranking, nor does it mean to judge so harshly… So, I DO say *SHAME on those who ARE so ignorant*

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